Using Brain Science to Maximize Your Effectiveness Leading Remotely

9:00 - 10:30 AM AKDT

Working remotely can be cost-effective, productive and morale-boosting when done well. Research suggests the brain has many quirks and biases that either help or hinder performance when working remotely. Leaders, of course, have to know how to maximize the success of their remote teams.

The STRIVE Group can help!

Broken into easily digestible moments, this 90-minute virtual session is for leaders who strive to understand how remote work impacts the brain so they can encourage and sustain productivity and morale with their teams. Through engaging discussion and interactive learning, the instructor will showcase practical steps and activities to ensure participants know how to maximize the benefits and avoid the pitfalls when their teams are working remotely.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the quirks and biases of individual’s brains
  • Learn how remote work impacts the brain’s preferences
  • Identify and execute specific strategies and tactics to move their remote team toward success

This class is conducted live online via video conference with effective, takeaway segments designed for engaging, interactive learning. 

About the Instructor

Diane Decker

Diane Decker grew up in Human Resources and she drew upon that experience to begin her consultancy. From there, she developed expertise in strategic planning, quality improvement, and leadership. While she is never far from her roots, a full host of training, facilitation and coaching services compliment her HR offerings. She believes that simplicity and commitment are key drivers of success and ensures her advice and counsel are straightforward and likely to produce sustainable positive results.
The STRIVE Group

The STRIVE Group