Purposeful, Influential Energy

What’s your super power, what’s your kryptonite?


Purposeful Influential Energy

Great leaders have superpowers, but they didn’t start that way. Some leaders became great because they appreciated and mitigated their vulnerabilities. This session helps participants identify their superpowers and illuminates their ability to control their weaknesses or shortcomings. Additionally, participants will learn how to use their powers to inspire, engage and fulfill their teams.

Leadership Outcomes

  • Explore how you present yourself as a leader in your natural resting state and when you’re under negative stress
  • Learn how you naturally motivate and demotivate those around you
  • Develop a three-step mental trigger to turn the moments when you feel the least powerful and confident into win-win situations

Intentional Leadership Details

  • 10 facilitated sessions
  • Limited to 20 participants
  • Developed for C-suite executives, directors and senior managers
  • Pre-work and homework can be expected to optimize reflection, learning and growth
  • Six Performance Boosters included in the program, a $2,080 value
  • Attendance for each session is not mandatory but highly encouraged
  • No substitutions
  • Program price is $3,250; first 10 registrants pay only $3,000

Intentional Leadership Performance Boosters

Each Intentional Leadership registration includes access to six Performance Boosters! These significant options offer substantive benefits to complement beyond the series to build your progressive leadership skills. Choose one, all or a combination to best benefit your Intentional Leadership development – FREE! A total value of $2,080.




Boost Your Own Leadership!

Performance Booster
offered by Jonathan King
  • One Hour Consultation/Synthesis for the "Energy Leadership Index" Assessment (actual assessment will be included in the pre-work for Purposeful, Influential Energy session)
    — Valued at $250
Performance Booster List

About the Facilitator

Jonathan King

Jonathan King draws upon more than 20 years of experience working in economics and leadership to ensure his consultation and coaching is practical and valuable. His expertise in business and data management, teamed with his keen intuition on leadership philosophy serve to enlighten clients of all industries. He values integrity, accountability, personal growth and humor and these values serve as the foundation for his consultation and coaching.
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