Psychological Safety

A critical component of high-performing teams

8:00 - 10:00 AM AKST

Have you ever been on a team where you felt like you couldn’t question the direction the team was headed, voice your opinion, etc.? You aren’t alone – many of us have the distinct feeling that we are not safe to bring our full selves to the party. Interestingly enough, Google’s Project Oxygen, provides some answers. Project Oxygen unveiled five key factors distinguishing great teams from mediocre and struggling teams; the most significant of which was psychological safety. This condition exists when everyone on the team believes the environment is safe for interpersonal risk taking.

Supervisors take note!

The greatest driver of psychological safety is the team leader. Impactful and effective team leaders appreciate the deeply rooted brain biology behind psychological safety and commit to making their employees feel at ease. Moreover, they create and enable a safe team culture so team members are free to ignite creativity, take risks, and engage in innovative thinking. Broken into easily digestible moments, this two-hour online class helps you learn why the need for safety exists and how it expresses itself differently among each of us through engaging discussion and interactive learning.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the biology of psychological safety and how it affects our lives in our modern world
  • Learn about the five psychological safety domains and identify which are most important for you
  • Learn how to avoid being “hijacked” when your psychological safety is threatened
  • Apply psychological safety philosophies to your workplace to ensure positive performance with yourself and your teams

This class is conducted live online via video conference with effective, takeaway segments designed for engaging, interactive learning. 

About the Instructor

Jonathan King

Jonathan King draws upon more than 20 years of experience working in economics and leadership to ensure his consultation and coaching is practical and valuable. His expertise in business and data management, teamed with his keen intuition on leadership philosophy serve to enlighten clients of all industries. He values integrity, accountability, personal growth and humor and these values serve as the foundation for his consultation and coaching.
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