Managing Virtual Teams

Being Supportive and Measuring Productivity

9:00 - 10:30 AM AKDT

Many supervisors are quite effective managing teams in their in-office environments, but what adjustments are they making to their management strategies with off-site employees and teams? While some strategies remain the same, some must change. Supervisors can’t use the same communication for some processes nor can some processes be accomplished in the same manner. The challenge, of course, is identifying necessary adjustments and impacts to the team.

The STRIVE Group can help!

Broken into easily digestible moments, this online 90-minute session provides managers an opportunity to pause, regroup, plan and execute for success. Through engaging discussion and interactive learning, the instructor provides tips for determining if the person and or the position is conducive to remote work and provides insights regarding measuring productivity and strategies for supporting the team.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize cues to identify if people and or positions are conducive to remote work
  • Identify necessary management supports for employees in a remote work setting
  • Learn how to use key questions to determine weekly productivity
  • Recognize the importance of, and learn how to set, clearer expectations
  • Identify three adjustments to work-processes that better suit the virtual work environment
  • Identify and link processes with the best communication tools
  • Identify tools to increase ease of workflow in virtual environments
  • Recognize the two most important keys to increase remote engagement and productivity

This class is conducted live online via video conference with effective, takeaway segments designed for engaging, interactive learning. 

About the Instructor

Karen Kirk

Karen Kirk has more than 25 years of experience advising leaders and their teams in a plethora of industries. She develops and presents energetic training programs, facilitates engaging planning and performance sessions, and provides counsel and assistance in improving processes and protocols. Her expertise in change management, communication and healthy work relationships ensure her advice and counsel is pragmatic and immediately useful.
The STRIVE Group

The STRIVE Group