Lost Leadership

Revealing cognitive dissonance


Lost Leadership

Misalignment or disconnects between what the organization or employee claims to believe and the employees’ behavior create confusion and distrust in any organization. Effective leaders strive to create better alignment. This session highlights the effects of cognitive dissonance in the workplace and how to address it. Participants will build an action plan addressing misalignment, navigating through the reasons behind it, and leading their teams into better alignment and consistency.

Leadership Outcomes

  • Ability to reveal cognitive dissonance in the workplace
  • Understand the impact to morale, integrity and customer perception
  • Discover tools and techniques that address cognitive dissonance
  • Create an action plan for managing cognitive dissonance

Intentional Leadership Details

  • 10 facilitated sessions
  • Limited to 20 participants
  • Developed for C-suite executives, directors and senior managers
  • Pre-work and homework can be expected to optimize reflection, learning and growth
  • Six Performance Boosters included in the program, a $2,080 value
  • Attendance for each session is not mandatory but highly encouraged
  • No substitutions
  • Program price is $3,250; first 10 registrants pay only $3,000

Intentional Leadership Performance Boosters

Each Intentional Leadership registration includes access to six Performance Boosters! These significant options offer substantive benefits to complement beyond the series to build your progressive leadership skills. Choose one, all or a combination to best benefit your Intentional Leadership development – FREE! A total value of $2,080.



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About the Facilitator

Jim Bates

Jim Bates’ vast career spans more than 30 years with proficiencies in business and project management and information technology. Well versed in quality improvement and outcome-based learning, he offers consultation and training on infrastructure, management and leadership. His passion for efficiency and continual learning serves as a catalyst for organization improvement in a variety of industries.
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