Brand Ambassadors

Assuming the mantle of 24/7 leadership


Brand Ambassadors

Client engagement and loyalty are imperative for success, but long gone are the days where Marketing, Sales and Service are the primary torch bearers. Never before has leadership been so much in the limelight. This session showcases the need for brand ambassadors at the highest levels of the organization and unveils effective ways to demonstrate an organization’s story. Participants will discover where they can optimize their messaging and minimize unintentional harm in their everyday interactions.

Leadership Outcomes

  • Identify and leverage informal opportunities to reinforce organizational brands
  • Minimize unintentional harm in everyday interactions
  • Develop consistent messaging that supports business goals

Intentional Leadership Details

  • 10 facilitated sessions
  • Limited to 20 participants
  • Developed for C-suite executives, directors and senior managers
  • Pre-work and homework can be expected to optimize reflection, learning and growth
  • Six Performance Boosters included in the program, a $2,080 value
  • Attendance for each session is not mandatory but highly encouraged
  • No substitutions
  • Program price is $3,250; first 10 registrants pay only $3,000

Intentional Leadership Performance Boosters

Each Intentional Leadership registration includes access to six Performance Boosters! These significant options offer substantive benefits to complement beyond the series to build your progressive leadership skills. Choose one, all or a combination to best benefit your Intentional Leadership development – FREE! A total value of $2,080.



Boost Your Own Leadership!

Performance Booster
offered by Kristin Helvey
  • One Hour Consultation regarding Public Relations/Communications
    — Valued at $125
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About the Facilitator

Kristin Helvey

Kristin Helvey has more than 10 years of experience in such areas as multicultural communications and community partnership development. She consults with and assists organizations across community sectors in improving communications strategy and execution. Her insights boost leaders’ understanding of communication as it relates to business priorities and sustainability.
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