Safety Services


  • Assist with establishing effective onboarding and orientation protocols
  • Assist with record keeping requirements and protocols
  • Analyze compliance requirements regarding training and record keeping, and help implement/execute compliance procedures accordingly
  • Facilitate and guide teams on creating and sustaining a strong safety culture

Site Reviews and Assessments

  • Physical site reviews for hazard identification, and subsequent corrective action recommendations and guidance
  • Document/record reviews and audits, and subsequent corrective action recommendations and guidance
  • Observe tasks, work flow or meetings to identify potential vulnerabilities, collaborate on potential solutions, and assist in executing corrective action

Policy and Procedure Review or Development

  • Review current P&Ps
  • Create new P&Ps
  • Assist with information dissemination and exchange


What Happened? Demystifying Accident and Injury Reporting

WARNING! That’s Not Windex!

Non-DOT Reasonable Suspicion Review for Supervisors

Non-DOT Reasonable Suspicion Review


Occupational Safety and Health Administration website

OSHA Publications

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

American National Standards Institute

National Safety Council

Department of Homeland Security (Emergency Action Plan information)

State of Alaska Occupational Safety and Health

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The STRIVE Group

The STRIVE Group