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Building strong teams is an investment in people who truly bring value to each role.

When the shoe fits…

Going beyond a job description and finding the right people who fit with the position, with the customer and with the organization is what we do best. We use non-traditional methods to extend our reach and connect with candidates that fit.

The Strategic Choice

Not your average head-hunter. We go beyond a job description to learn your story. Our approach delves into the uniqueness of your business, scratching deep below the surface and identifying challenges unique to every position. We discover, screen and present quality candidates uniquely suited to each work culture and who will truly excel at the job. 

Types of Contracts:

  • Contingency
    • Fees paid post placement
  • Retained
    • Proposed fees split into thirds
    • Final payment due post placement
  • Hourly
    • Fees assessed/associated per hour

Are you a client looking to connect with top talent to grow your team?

The STRIVE Group

The STRIVE Group