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Each Intentional Leadership registration includes access to six Performance Boosters! These significant options offer substantive benefits to complement beyond the packaged set of 10 Intentional Leadership sessions to build your progressive leadership skills. Choose one, all or a combination of these complimentary boosters to best benefit your Intentional Leadership development. The boosters have a total value of $2,080.

Performance Booster List

One Hour Consultation/Synthesis for the "Energy Leadership Index" Assessment (actual assessment will be included in the pre-work for Purposeful, Influential Energy session)
  • Offered by Jonathan King
  • Valued at $250

50% off Facilitated Session (up to four hours) with Leadership Team
  • Offered by Heather Kinzie
  • Valued at $750

"Awareness Exercise" in either self-care, awareness or boundaries and associated Consultation/Synthesis
  • Offered by Woodrie Burich
  • Valued at $500

"Everything DiSC" Assessment and associated Consultation/Synthesis
  • Offered by Diane Decker
  • Valued at $230

One Hour Consultation regarding Public Relations/Communications
  • Offered by Kristin Helvey
  • Valued at $125

One Hour Consultation or Coaching regarding Organizational Growth and Improvement
  • Offered by Jim Bates
  • Valued at $225

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