Developing Leaders

We inspire, encourage and assist leaders to invest in themselves.

Intentional Leadership

Old methods will not solve emerging challenges. Innovation, ingenuity and inspiration are essential to effective leadership and motivating teams. Intentional Leadership is a thought-provoking alternative to traditional training designed specifically for leaders who believe that success comes from within. Monthly 2 hour modules cover select topics that are engaging and edgy. These progressive group sessions are designed to help leaders reflect on their strengths and vulnerabilities, learning from a subject matter expert and from each other. Each Intentional Leadership session includes forward-leaning lectures and facilitated discussion to optimize participation and accelerate the “ah ha” moments. Rise above the clutter for a deep dive into the messy issues of today’s business world and develop attributes of courage, nimbleness, vision and collaboration.

Leadership Round Tables

Business leaders often have a lifetime of experience supporting their decisions, their behaviors and their communication. Many find it hard to find value or relevance in traditional training courses. We believe professional development for these experienced managers is better enabled through round table discussions. Round tables are excellent venues for giving and receiving targeted feedback, engaging in in-depth discussions and learning, and meeting colleagues with similar interests.

Competency Assessments

Better leaders have more engaged teams, better customer results, and help their organization meet stakeholder expectations at every level. We’ve combined decades of research to develop an assessment designed to help Leaders know how well they are doing, and where they should focus their development.

Succession Planning

The top of the ladder positions within a company are hard to fill. Moreover, the leaders currently holding those positions often believe they are immortal, and so they rarely strategize and plan for their replacement. We utilize a pragmatic approach to identify what makes a successful leader and who inside the organization, or out, might be a good candidate to prepare to compete for the position. We incorporate competency assessments and development plans, seasoned with a healthy discussion about selection criteria and contingency plans.


Once in awhile, employees benefit from hearing an objective perspective and receiving credible counsel that helps illuminate the path ahead. Our unique and inspiring coaching services help clients become better professionals, managers and leaders.

  • Formalized executive coaching
  • “Just in time” on-call, ad hoc counseling
  • Mid and senior-level management and workforce coaching

The STRIVE Group

The STRIVE Group