Intentional Leadership

Courage. Vision. Collaboration.

Intentional Leadership: Rise above the clutter

Leaders Look Up

Intentional Leadership enables the needed mindset of today’s forward-thinking leaders. It is time to discard the clutter and dive into the sometimes messy issues of today’s business world. We strive to help you develop courage, fluidity, vision and a commitment to collaboration.

Intentional Leadership Details

  • 10 facilitated sessions
  • Limited to 20 participants
  • Developed for C-suite executives, directors and senior managers
  • Pre-work and homework can be expected to optimize reflection, learning and growth
  • Six Performance Boosters included in the program, a $2,080 value
  • Attendance for each session is not mandatory but highly encouraged
  • No substitutions
  • Program price is $3,250; first 10 registrants pay only $3,000

Not Your Average Assembly

Intentional Leadership is not  traditional professional development training. Skilled facilitators take participants on a group-coached journey through specific and relevant leadership topics.

The goal?

  1. Uncover vulnerabilities or risks
  2. Ignite innovative and creative possibilities for improvement
  3. Inspire a positive call to action

Each 2 hour session is reflective, relevant and a challenging adventure aimed to inspire and motivate leaders.

Lean In, Lead Forward

What type of leader do you want to be?

How do you create and lead into an engaging new future that is productively moving forward?

It isn’t easy, and old business mindsets will not resolve today’s business challenges. Accomplished executives must be nimble and open-minded so that their hard-earned wisdom and expertise do not limit imagination.

Elevate your forward-thinking abilities with Intentional Leadership.

Intentional Leadership Sessions

Due to COVID-19 sessions will be rescheduled at a later date.




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The STRIVE Group