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Becoming a Supervisor
Aug. 2

A key component in our supervisory development series

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Rewrite your Playbook

STRIVE Symposium
Oct. 25

Symposium Details

The Strive Group offers “leadership therapy” as a healthy
alternative to traditional training.

About Leadership Therapy

Stories in the news of sexual harassment are impacting every industry. Eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace can be tricky. Prevention is the best approach and awareness and understanding is needed to get there.

Two Courses Debuting in 2018:
  1. Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Your Role as a Leader
  2. A Sexual Harassment-Free Workplace: What Everyone Needs to Know

For Leaders    For Everyone

We want you to have a valuable experience in these sessions. To that end, class size is limited so in-depth discussion and learning can occur.

While we don’t have current public seminars scheduled we can, upon request, offer this as a private corporate session at either The Strive Group office or at an individual corporate headquarters.