Onboarding Accelerated

Launching Progressive Performance

Ignite learning and optimize career performance through targeted employee training that accelerates your organization’s onboarding activities. Equipping employees with the right tools for success is a critical catalyst for building confidence and illuminating a path toward career excellence. This six-class series focuses on improving work habits, increasing effective communication and building core competencies relevant to every industry. Investing in new employees from the get-go generates significant value and returns for both the employee and employer.


  • Create a healthy and respectful work environment
  • Cultivate strong relationships with team members and customers

Each class is taught by expert facilitators who will help you and your team learn and grow. In addition, The Strive Group can administer a competency assessment, help you create your professional development plan, and provide just-in-time coaching as you begin this new chapter in your career.

  • 6 Classes
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  • Bulk Packages
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  • Attend Remotely 
    Attend via web/video conference.


The STRIVE Group

The STRIVE Group