The Path Forward Is Collaboration

In today’s media landscape, misinformation runs rampant, local news is declining, and polarization is on the rise. In addition, large corporations obsessed only with increasing profits are absorbing smaller outlets at an alarming rate. At times, the future of all news and information can seem bleak due to the damaging homogenization of operations, but new models are emerging. For example, collaborative networks that focus on solutions-based journalism are prioritizing communities and revolutionizing news media. That benefits reporting and the bottom line.

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    Kelsey Richardson joined The STRIVE Group in March of 2019 after moving to Alaska from Washington State. She has more than 10 years of sales and event management experience in the hospitality and non-profit industries. With an eye for detail and passion for cultivating relationships, Richardson supports The STRIVE Group’s marketing efforts and manages the organization's special events.

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