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The Irony of Time

It’s a secret that hides in plain sight: Technology companies are converging upon a single destination: sameness. This statement may seem outlandish. After all, how could anyone think that Google, Apple and Amazon – or should I say Google Home, Apple Home and Amazon Alexa – are the same? I am sure you get the point.

The Zen Leader – Know Thyself

In my early 20s, I left home for a few months to journey through East Asia. I traveled with two of my best friends, one large backpack and $3,000 in traveler’s checks. I would love to tell you a sexy story about being enlightened in the local ashram in Bangkok, but that would be a… Read more »

The Leader as an Artist, Sculptor, Painter

As a citizen-soldier, I think possibly one of the greatest strengths of the Reserve Components is its diversity. I am not talking about cultural diversity but rather individual diversity, the uniqueness inherent to every person on a team or in an organization. Great leaders understand how to harness such assets.

A New Definition of Success

The person who installed the card skimmer at a Speedway gas station on Detroit’s west side couldn’t have imagined that they would have such a positive effect on my life. I couldn’t have imagined it either that January day in 2012, when I learned that a thief had completely emptied my bank account. Pacing nervous… Read more »

Basic Necessity: Communication

We are amidst a time of disease, hatred and collusive agendas, where news media has become more essential and also more corrupt. As people turn to their TVs and mobile devices for the latest information, we as journalists and media contributors must be inclusive and diligent in our approach to reporting to protect people’s lives… Read more »

Meaning and Fulfillment Is the New Wealth

At times as I was growing up in Aotearoa/New Zealand, I felt like I was slipping off the edge of the world. It’s so silent in places that in moments alone I would wonder if I was still on the face of the earth.

The Next Greatest Generation

The depth and breadth of a crisis is never determined by the event itself. These boundaries are always defined by the quality and effectiveness of our response.

The STRIVE Group

The STRIVE Group