Technology Across Borders

Imagine what would happen if there were no barriers to learning – if everyone who wanted to receive an education could do so regardless of their location, time (or lack thereof), or financial circumstances. One of the reasons I believe online learning is so successful is because it is powerful enough to bridge time and… Read more »

Trust Work

We all know that building relationships and networks is essential to achieving our goals. But working in six different cities and three different countries where no one knew me has taught me the power of nurturing old relationships when we don’t need them. My investment in relationships for their own sake – what I call… Read more »

Berlin: Dreaming the Future in the Shadow of the Past

Berlin in 2017 is a city bristling with new technology start-ups. Young people from all corners of the world take advantage of cheap rent and an abundance of shared workspaces, often working strange hours in keeping with the wild nightlife of the city. When they’re not working, they race around on fixed gear bikes through… Read more »

An Exciting Time

Opportunities previously unimaginable are on the horizon. “What an exciting time to be alive!” Yes, he said it. Who says something like that in these trying times? With all the social and political turmoil, not to mention the technical disruption, this kind of optimism felt out of place. But there he was standing before me,… Read more »

Small Things, Big Results

(This article first appeared in the July 2017 issue of STRIVE.) We often think of business success as a result of something big, something significant or something widely innovative. While that may be true for many organizations, significant business success is often a result of well executed little things. This paradox is highlighted in two… Read more »

First Impressions Matter

First impressions matter. But what follows a first impression, the repeating pattern that emerges, is where expectations are formed. Individuals, teams or organizations will, through their behaviors and actions, have an opportunity to show what they are made of, what they are committed to, or what they are capable of. First impressions, therefore, are either… Read more »

Marketing: Art or Science?

(This article first appeared in the July 2017 issue of STRIVE.) As pioneers in emotion and creativity, marketing executives have utilized predominantly right-brain strategies with artful storytelling to enlighten and engage audiences. Throughout my 25 years in marketing, there has never been a question in my mind on the importance of this approach. Proof positive… Read more »

The Trouble with ERM

(This article first appeared in the July 2017 issue of STRIVE.) Enterprise Risk Management. It is a not-so-sexy phrase too often bandied-about the upper echelons of management with little appreciation for the true meaning of the term, and quite frankly, little desire to pursue any comprehension beyond the ability to say “Yes! We do ERM!”… Read more »

Investing in Engagement

(This article first appeared in the July 2017 issue of STRIVE.) Do you ever wonder what you’d do without your cell phone? I know a few people who claim they would, quite literally, die without this little tool. I think dying is a bit extreme but their point is well taken. It’s amazing how we… Read more »