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Learning from Loss

As I sat here thinking about what to write, something a wise man once said to me came into my mind: “You can’t make progress until you’re brutally honest about where you’re starting from.” That wise man was my previous boss, who then became my dear friend and mentor. He was killed in a water… Read more »

Changing the Game

“It’s good enough for government work.” You might have heard the expression, or even uttered these words yourself. The meaning is simple: low standards, mediocre work, and one shouldn’t have higher expectations. However, when heard by a long-time government manager like me, these words can sting. As someone who is proud of my government career,… Read more »

Seeing Those Around Us

In the past year, I prepared and delivered remarks for the memorial services of two very dear friends. Not just dinner companions, traveling buddies or co-workers—though they were all of those things. These were truly dear friends, people who formed part of my foundation and whom I knew I could call anytime for perspective and… Read more »

Entrepreneur’s Mindset

I cannot imagine a more complex time to lead a business. I have been saying this for many years now. Yet, somehow, each new year manages to deliver the previously unthinkable along with escalating levels of complexity with which to contend. What’s more, this trend toward the increasingly complex shows no sign of abating. How do… Read more »

The Future Government Workplace

Who would have thought that a global pandemic could prove in two years what I’ve been saying for 25 years? It’s been a journey. Fresh out of college, I took my first job working for a small video conferencing integrator in 1997. As a marketer, it was my job to communicate how video conferencing technology… Read more »

The Path Forward Is Collaboration

In today’s media landscape, misinformation runs rampant, local news is declining, and polarization is on the rise. In addition, large corporations obsessed only with increasing profits are absorbing smaller outlets at an alarming rate. At times, the future of all news and information can seem bleak due to the damaging homogenization of operations, but new… Read more »

Thriving in Online Teaching

Those were the last words I said to the principal at North High School in Annapolis, Maryland in March of 2020 as the school doors were being locked. I had been coaching a group of teachers on the best ways to teach math when we received word that schools across the district were closing their… Read more »

Pragmatic Idealism

For the past 25 years, I have been an entrepreneur and small business owner navigating the torrent of change and upheaval that defines the technology sector. Simultaneously, like many, my business has been buffeted by the same random, extreme, and unpredictable life forces that have tested us all.


I had no idea how those six words my husband, Greg, said to me would ultimately change me and my life. In September of 2020, after months of lockdown, confusion, and restlessness, I had decided to take a break—a long weekend in San Diego at the beach to recharge my soul and find some internal… Read more »

The STRIVE Group

The STRIVE Group