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Pragmatic Idealism

For the past 25 years, I have been an entrepreneur and small business owner navigating the torrent of change and upheaval that defines the technology sector. Simultaneously, like many, my business has been buffeted by the same random, extreme, and unpredictable life forces that have tested us all.


I had no idea how those six words my husband, Greg, said to me would ultimately change me and my life. In September of 2020, after months of lockdown, confusion, and restlessness, I had decided to take a break—a long weekend in San Diego at the beach to recharge my soul and find some internal… Read more »

Connected Yet Disconnected Society

As a 23-year-old entrepreneur, I’ve grown up with tech as a solution. Given that I’m only a couple of days older than Google, it might surprise you that what I’m about to suggest is not tech-related. Instead, it goes back to our core, real-life human connection.

The Demons of Chaos

Are you ever surprised when things that seem to be running fine suddenly get out of control? You have all your ducks in a row and, just when you think everything is in sync, one of the little fluff-bombs waddles off and disrupts the whole journey. What is going on?

The Critical Question

What am I to that? The that, being any decision, circumstance, or ethical conundrum, significant or mundane, being placed before me at any given moment. The thing demanding my vote, that I signal via statement or action its endorsement or rejection. I ask myself this question a lot these days.

Solutions for a Precarious Planet

I think that identifying solutions for the current environmental crisis is how we will ensure a healthy planet for future generations. Along these same lines, holding leaders accountable for implementing these solutions is how we will get the job done.

What Corporates Can Learn from Start-Ups

It all started with £20,000 for a coffee-machine at the new Kipferl Café and Kitchen restaurant in Corums Field, London. I’ve spent the majority of my career in large, global companies, but roughly 15 years ago a friend gave me my first opportunity to invest in a start-up: his hospitality business.

Tearing Down Walls and Building Bridges

I am convinced that those of us who dedicate ourselves to public relations are at the same time builders of bridges because bridges shorten distances, overcome obstacles, bring people closer, and open communications.

The Rust of Legacy Thinking

Floating in the ether is hard. The ether being an aspect of change, the space between what we have known and that which we will come to know. This place, uncomfortably devoid of the familiar, especially over prolonged exposure, leaves many disoriented and flailing as the moorings that have defined our experience, and therefore our… Read more »

The STRIVE Group

The STRIVE Group