New Paradigms in a Complex World

I was half-way through a 5-day training workshop teaching entrepreneurship to parents and small business owners in Colombia when I had a personal and professional watershed. I wondered: Even if these people learn all this and set up businesses, what are we doing all of this for? As a business school academic, I wrestle with… Read more »

Guns to Garden Tools

How does someone survive in South Sudan, where the most recent civil war is entering its fifth year? It is the world’s most failed state, where famine is raging and the refugee crisis is the biggest in Africa. Unfortunately, many do not survive. Tens of thousands have been killed, and millions have become refugees. Thus… Read more »

Curating the Future

 In the fall of 2017, the Anchorage Museum opened a new wing and a major new exhibition about Alaska. Major capital projects with complex public/private partnerships made the expansion possible. With these spaces, the Museum has dedicated galleries for its mission to tell the story of the North through art, design, history, science, and culture.… Read more »

Alaska: The Next Digital Crossroads

As I look at a world map, it’s easy for me to see why Alaska’s largest city once dubbed itself the ‘air crossroads of the world.’ Starting in the 1960s, as many as seven different international airlines stopped in Anchorage to refuel on their way back and forth to Asia. Commercial airlines now routinely cross… Read more »

Millennials: The New Service-Minded Superheroes

Odds are you had a favourite superhero as a child. Maybe it was Superman or Wonder Woman or even Spiderman, weaving webs and leaping tall buildings in a single bound to help those in need. Now that we’re older, we know all too well that superheroes are hard to find unless you go to the… Read more »

A Culture of Global Possibilities

What other campus can claim to be the birthplace of both the atomic bomb and the free speech movement? How many universities have elements tagged with their name? What other institution offers degrees in financial engineering and campanology? I am lucky to work in executive education at the world’s number one public university: the University… Read more »

Guardrails and Identity

Humankind’s tendency to conform creates the guardrails that organize our society. I realize the statement above runs counter to how we like to view ourselves: independent free-thinkers blazing our own path in the world. For the most part, that perception is not the reality. More commonly, even individuals who have a reputation for being independent… Read more »

What We Really Want: Engagement, Experiences, and Connection

I believe the core principles driving public media can make your business more successful. While it’s rare for business leaders to turn to an NGO for advice, think about this: A national study1 conducted in 2017 found that PBS and its member stations are rated #1 in public trust among nationally known institutions. This is… Read more »

Harnessing Innovation in an Accessible Arctic

We need an owner’s manual for a new ocean: the Arctic. The owner’s manual is necessary and timely because this is an ocean like no other. It is becoming more accessible to shipping and exploitation (in both the good and bad sense of the word) due to a changing climate – but not changing climate… Read more »